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Hard Way Bets in Craps by Adel Awwad
There are two types o hard way bets in a crap game. The single roll bets and the multi-roll bets can be made when the player has a hunch or as part of a crap playing strategy. Deuce and twelve are always single roll bets. Some casinos will accept single roll bets on four, six, eight and ten. The hardway bet on the table layout is a multi-roll bet which stays up and live until a seven is thrown or the number is rolled the easy way. They can be taken down at any time or just taken off on come out rolls. If you want them working at all times, make sure the stick man knows they are always live. Then, unless you tell them to take the hardway bets down or take them off they are always a live bet.

The odds pay off is as follows; any single roll hardway will pay 30 to one. The multi-roll hardways pay different odds. The four and the ten hardways pay 8 to one. The six or eight hardways pay 10 to one. All hardways are two dice of the same number like six and six make a hardway twelve. Deuce and deuce make a hardway four.

There are three criteria a player can use to determine if a table is warming up or remaining cold. The absences of a seven being rolled except on come out rolls and numbers being rolled. A third measure is a high number of hardway numbers being rolled during a shooters hand at the dice table. These are the first signs of a table becoming a crap player's delight.

A hardway strategy can be played as follows. Play the deuce eleven and twelve on the come out roll. If any hit press that number and replace the lost bets. If a number is rolled, place a unit of bet on all four of the multi-roll hardways. If one of them is rolled the hardway, press that bet. If one of the hardways is rolled easy do not replace that bet. The idea is that on a hot table numbers seem to repeat and if the hardways are showing up and repeating, you can make a terrific score. My friend who plays this strategy all of the time, tells me he has seen the eleven twelve roll four times in a row. That is a significant win if the better started with a $25 dollar chip and pressed the bet each time. He also told of a hot table where the hard four repeated so many times that the pressing of the bet ran into the table limit for any one bet.

Hardway bets and a hot table is the crapshooter's friend. They go together signaling the table is ready to give up some money.

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